Bath Supply and Service

Garner Medical supplies and installs a wide range of baths to suit many situations and client needs.  We recommend  baths manufactured by Reval Continuing Care who have produced excellent baths, manufactured to high standards for many years.  Their expertise also ensures a great after-sales experience and excellent product life span.

Baths are not subject to LOLER regulations in the same way as hoists, despite sharing many common parts and involving an element of lifting.  This is due to the primary function of the bath being bathing, rather than lifting.  However, the functions of baths which allow it to raise and lower, along with any patient transfer capability, mean that care must be taken when deciding on any service and maintenance package.  The costs associated with the purchase and installation of baths further reinforce the case for a thorough preventative maintenance schedule.

Baths are covered by PUWER and, as such, must be safe for use, maintained in a safe condition and inspected to ensure it is correctly installed and does not subsequently deteriorate.

Garner Medical maintains baths from all the major manufacturers including Reval, Arjo, Gainsborough, Aquanova and Stanbridge.  Our engineers have a depth of understanding and experience which puts us at the very top of our field.

Our standard service and maintenance package includes:

  • Management of clients service schedule.
  • Six-monthly or annual servicing of equipment, as applicable.
  • Record keeping, certificates and labeling.
  • Preventative maintenance in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

Make Garner Medical part of YOUR trusted team.