Slings are a vital part of hoisting.  They are the thing that the patient has contact with and must fulfill a number of important criteria for their safety, hygiene and comfort.

Firstly, they must provide adequate support for the patient.  This must be put above all other considerations as a fall due to an inappropriate sling could prove fatal.  The style of sling must be looked at, as well as the sizing and the compatibility with the hoist on which it is to be used.  This must be assessed for each person who is to be lifted.

Secondly, the sling must be specific for the individual.  It is advisable to have multiple slings for each person as there is a hygiene risk associated with repeated use.  A second sling to use during the laundry cycle should be a minimum.  Also, the sharing of slings poses a significant risk of cross-contamination and should be avoided.  There should be absolutely no sharing of toileting and bathing slings.

There are a wide range of styles and sizes from a plethora of manufacturers on the market.  Garner Medical has a great deal of experience in recommending the correct slings for our clients.  We can help to ensure that you choose the right slings for your clients and your budget.

We also provide a tailor-made option to suit any situation.  Starting with a base sling, we can alter measurements, provide additional support straps or even add a choice of linings.  The options are endless and will ensure the correct fit and support.

Finally,  slings are a lifting accessory and, as such, require testing under LOLER along with your hoists.  Garner Medical engineers provide this service during the standard LOLER visit.  Additionally, we tag your slings to ensure that you and your staff can easily tell which slings have passed inspection and are fit for use.  We also keep a record of the slings you have and provide a copy of this to you after inspection to help you keep track of your assets.

Make Garner Medical part of your trusted team.